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The Theories Believe Biological Or Genetic Risk Factors

Abstract Biosocial theories believe biological or genetic risk factors along with their environment impact an individual’s predisposition to engage in criminal behavior throughout their life. The biological risk factors tied with their environment can also impact an individual’s predilection to develop antisocial behavior or tendencies, violent or aggressive behavior, impulsivity, lack of social responsibility and their ability to learn complex behavior patterns. Several empirical studies regarding biosocial theory and its components will be reviewed within this paper followed by an explanation as to why a policy in policing and corrections with its basis in biosocial theory would not be effective. Biosocial theory is a theory†¦show more content†¦Caspi et al. (1994) conducted a study that determined specific personality differences are linked to crime without regard to race, age, or geographical location. Through comparison of a male and female birth cohort in New Zealand and an ethnically diverse group of 12-13-year-old boys in the United States, Caspi et al. (1994) determined, â€Å"robust personality correlates to delinquency (pg. 179).† Their study found that individuals that engaged in delinquency, â€Å"preferred rebelliousness to conventionality, behaved impulsively rather than cautiously, and were likely to take advantage of others (pg.180).† Further personality testing amongst all the individuals showed the individuals that engaged in delinquency tended to become easily upset or agitated with their friends when they felt betrayed or used by their friends (Caspi et al., 1994). Caspi et al. (1994) concluded the greater negative emotionality capability and less constraint an individual had, would lead to an increased delinquency and theoretically, antisocial behavior would be likely in that individual. Individuals in the study that demonstrated negative correlations with constraint levels, meaning the individuals responded to â€Å"frustrating events,† with strong negative emotions, â€Å"were likely to be impulsive, danger-seeking, and rejectingShow MoreRelatedEssay Biological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour1357 Words   |  6 PagesCrime theories are still in a development stage; it is an evolutionary process that continues to this day. Crime is still a complex and misunderstood phenomenon with no concrete evidence when it comes to human behavior. Throughout time there have been endless amounts of crime theories, few of which revolve around biological explanations. We have Cesare Lombroso and the Positive School who thought that criminals were genetically different from the rest of the general population, that they were biologicallyRead MoreBiological and Classical School1265 Words   |  6 Pagesmembers of this school used the approach to the study of crime, which became known as criminology. Positivists saw behavior as determined by its biological, psychological, and social traits (Williams McShane, 2009). This paper will compare and contrast the Biology/Biosocial theory of the Positive School theory of crime and the Classical School theory of crime. Positive School The Positive School began around the late nineteenth century. Auguste Comte, a French philosopher and social scientistRead MoreThe Theories Of Crime Causation1076 Words   |  5 Pagespaper will examine the three main theories of crime causation which comprise the Criminological Theory as well as provide some examples of each. The three main theories of crime causation are biological, sociological and psychological. Each of the three theories have come a long way since their inception and continue to be updated due to new findings through technological and medical advances. It also must be noted that these are theories and due to various factors and drawbacks to each of the threeRead MoreThe Research Theories Of Biosocial Criminology1177 Words   |  5 Pagescriminological theories thought to identify and explain the behaviors of criminals. The factors that distinguish each theory are as unique as they are the same. Each individual theory takes on a different side of the same fact ors but the current criminological theories don’t carry much merit due to the lack of criminality predictability, crime explanation, and to the inconsistencies within the theories themselves. Unlike other areas of scientific research, criminology is continually adding new theories withoutRead MorePsychological And Biological Explanations Of Depression1534 Words   |  7 Pagesis much debate over what exactly causes depression. Biological explanations question hereditary and neurotransmitter factors. While psychological theories include the cognitive ideas of Beck’s negative triad and hopelessness theory. This essay will focus on the ways in which psychological and biological explanations contrast and how their theories can overlap to better understand depression. The biological theory of depression focusing on genetics argues that shared DNA is the cause of depression soRead MoreEssay about Biology Genetics And Substance Abuse 901 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Biology, Genetics, and Substance Abuse and Addiction Leigh Lusignan Walden University CPSY 6728-4 Substance Abuse Counseling Facilitator: Dr. Natalie Spencer June 13, 2014 Biology, Genetics, and Substance Abuse and Addiction The relationship between genetics and substance abuse or addiction is a source of some controversy in the field (Walden University, 2014). In this application, I will consider how natural dispositions and genetics may influence substance abuse and addiction and develop aRead MoreBrain Dysfunction913 Words   |  4 Pagesof Your Mind† I do believe that people are predisposed to violence. I do maintain my position that even if the same Neurological and genetic factors that lead to crime are present in a person the lack of a healthy environment is what will cause those neurological and genetic factors to manifest themselves into crime or violence. The video also discusses the region of the human brain that can be linked to crime/evil. I do believe now that people can be born with genetic factors that make them proneRead MoreBiological Determinism And Crime Of Criminology1595 Words   |  7 PagesBiological Determinism and Criminality Throughout the history of criminology, each theory dominates and gains support than others though different period of time. This essay will first discuss the argument for biological determinism which mainly focuses on phrenology. The idea of Darwinism also links to Lombroso’s idea that a person’s bad behavior can be predicted and should be eliminated will also be discussed. The second part of the essay will emphasis the classical theory and how in contrastsRead MoreHomosexuality And Its Effects On Society Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesMany people believe and have debated whether or not homosexuality is a choice that one freely makes, while others believe a combination of genetics, hormones and environment have a factor in one’s sexuality and sexual development. Homosexuality is something one cannot choose to be. Primarily, homosexuality can be defined as a romantic or sexual attraction that involves people of the same gender. Male homosexuals are referred to as gays while the female ones are called lesbians. Ideally, since timeRead MoreAre Mental Disorders Biological Or Environmental?1410 Words   |  6 Pages Macek 1 Mrs.Wickham English 9 4 March 2016 Are mental disorders biological or environmental? For years the nurture versus nature debate has been argued by people around the world. Mental disorders are one of the main topics discussed among these people. Mental disorders apply to many mental health conditions that

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How Hamlet Changes Throughout the Play Free Essays

The changes in Hamlet’s personality are reflected in his changes in costume. At first, there is the Hamlet in the â€Å"nighted colour†, in mourning for his father and resentful of his mother and uncle. This is Hamlet in Act one. We will write a custom essay sample on How Hamlet Changes Throughout the Play or any similar topic only for you Order Now He is passive and reactive, making snarky remarks under his breath and behind the king’s back but being sullen and unresponsive in his presence. After the visit of the Ghost, Hamlet changes. Ophelia describes his costume as â€Å"his doublet all unbraced, no hat upon his head, his stockings fouled and down-gyved to his ankle. This is Hamlet of the antic disposition. His pretense of insanity gives him the liberty to sharpen his wit on the various spies which come to sound him out. He becomes more active, arranging for and essentially directing the play The Murder of Gonzago, but he is a perfectionist, and cannot see his way to killing Claudius without the circumstances being just right. He thinks he has got them right but he is wrong–it’s Polonius behind the arras and not Claudius. Then he is sent to England. He discovers that Claudius is not going to wait for the perfect opportunity, but has already made arrangements to have Hamlet killed. He changes again. He arranges for the deaths of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and when the pirates attack, he takes the opportunity to board their ship, and bribes them to return to Denmark. He arrives on the shores â€Å"naked and . . . alone†. â€Å"Naked† here means that he has only the clothes he stands up in, whatever he can find. Hamlet is now an opportunist. He no longer insists that the conditions be perfect. He will take his opportunity where he finds it. He becomes a fatalist: â€Å"There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow . . . the readiness is all. † It is when he reaches this stage in his journey that he can do what he wants to do and needs to do. He expresses his love for Ophelia (too late) and is able to take his revenge on Claudius (almost too late). How to cite How Hamlet Changes Throughout the Play, Essay examples

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Juno and the Paycock Essay Example

Juno and the Paycock Paper In 1920s Dublin, men were considered more superior than women. The men had to support their families as they were the main source of financial income. In working class families, women also had to work. If they didnt, they wouldnt be able to pay the rent, or possibly not be able to feed their family. Women also had to look after the family and children, and had to do all of the housework. Men seemed to have control over women, who couldnt do anything to stop them. In Juno and the Paycock, Sean OCasey paints a different picture. Although the men believe they are in control, it is really the women who are in the drivers seat. OCasey believes that the women in his play are stronger, more enduring and unselfish than the male characters. OCasey himself believed that women were secretly in charge. He had a very strong relationship with his mother, as his father died when he was only six years old. He was also the youngest surviving child out of his other thirteen siblings. As he was brought up by his widowed mother, he sees that women are dominant and men are weaker. In Juno, we find that the Boyle family have come into a great deal of wealth. Almost immediately, Captain Jack Boyle spends most of it, hence, giving him the title of the Paycock. We will write a custom essay sample on Juno and the Paycock specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Juno and the Paycock specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Juno and the Paycock specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Johnny Boyle, his son, has a secret, which gradually unfolds as the story progresses. It turns out that he has been a government informer; you didnt think o that when you gave him away to the gang that sent him to his grave. This ultimately leads to Johnnys execution; where were you when me darlin son was riddled with bullets. Juno Boyle, Boyles wife, in the centre of everything, is feeling the burdens of life on her shoulders as she tries to keep her family together. Mary Boyle, Jack and Junos daughter, has found a new boyfriend. He is Charlie Bentham, and is very rich. We are later told that he has left Mary as she is now pregnant. We then learn that there was never any money for the Boyles; Theres no money comin to us at all the Wills a washout! Fed up, Juno, with a drunkard husband and a dead son, finally leaves Boyle, with Mary at her side. This is where Juno says to Mary about her baby; Itll have whats far betther itll have two mothers. This is good for the child as Juno is responsible and will be able to use her own experience to her advantage. I expect that Boyle will be left on his own, possibly with his best friend, Joxer Daily, at his side. Boyle has done nothing to help or support his family in any situation. Boyle is the head of the house, but it is Juno who seems to do all the work since Boyle would rather spend his time sipping lager and telling tales. Juno is very responsible and very reliable, while Boyle is completely undependable and irresponsible. Juno will protect her family with her life, but Boyle is plain lazy; If it werent for the terrible pains in me legs is always his excuse for not finding a job to help support his family financially. Johnny and Mary are the children of Boyle and Juno. Johnny, who was injured fighting for Ireland, and Mary, who is on strike for the principle of it, are both still trying to grow up. Mary, the elder of the two siblings, is stubborn, saying that she will stick to her principles, and Johnny is trying to hide from his comrades. Johnny has recently become very sensitive and quiet. He is worried about the death of Robbie Tancred, an old childhood friend. Mary however, is still as outgoing as ever. She enjoys a social life, and does not seem at all phased about being on strike, and having an awkward family. Mary and Johnny are both similar in the way that they both stand up for what they believe in. Mary is on strike, and Johnny stands up for his beliefs for Ireland. He lost an arm, and received a permanent limp from fighting during the Easter Rising. Johnny feels disgusted that Mary is pregnant and yet he hasnt told anyone what he has done. She should be dhriven out o th house shes brought disgrace on! He is being hypocritical. Mrs. Madigan, Mrs. Tancred and Joxer are all friendly with the Boyle family. Joxer is Boyles butty and drinking companion. Mrs. Madigan and Mrs. Tancred are the Boyles neighbours. Mrs. Madigan and Joxer are both very friendly and wish to help out. Yet, Joxer is a lazy lay-about. Mrs. Tancred is in grief when we meet her, but speaks passionately about wanting no more deaths and killings. When Mrs. Madigan hears of the Boyles inheritance, she has nothing but good words for them. Though when she finds out that there is no money, she angrily confronts Boyle for money she lent him, and then takes his gramophone as payment. She seems very two faced; nice and friendly one minute, then the next she is biting off Boyles head. Jerry Devine was Marys old boyfriend. He is still in love with her, but she has found a new boyfriend. He is called Charlie Bentham, a rich school teacher, now turning to work in law. Jerry doesnt realize that Mary doesnt want to be with him. He says to her; Let me kiss your hand when she refuses to go back with him. He is completely obsessed with Mary. Charlie is in love with Mary too and helps the Boyles with the will. However when Mary becomes pregnant, Charlie runs away to England, afraid of commitment and the results of his actions. When Jerry comes to Mary again, he wants her to return with him, as he knows that Bentham has left. He doesnt know that Mary is pregnant, and when he finds out, he leaves in shock. On the surface, Jerry and Charlie both seem to love and care about Mary, but when the worst comes to the worst, they quickly leave her to fend for herself. The women in Juno and the Paycock have many positive characteristics. They have strength, determination and are all friendly and caring. They all have strength to get through hard times (eg. Juno supporting her family; Mrs. Tancred during her bereavement). Juno is determined to make Boyle find a job and no matter what the situation, they are always loving (eg. Mrs. Madigan always wanting to help out). Women are completely different from the men. The men are lazy (eg. Boyle not finding any jobs; Boyle and Joxer in the snug all of the time), money wasters (eg. Boyle spending the money on a gramophone), and contradictive (eg. Boyle says he doesnt like the church or Father Farrell, then saying that the country would be nothing without them). Womens qualities outweigh their faults. They are stronger and better than what their faults says about them. Their negative qualities say they are vain and stubborn, but this is nothing in comparison to their positive qualities of being strong, resilient, loving, caring and determined. During this period in history, women were made to feel that they were inferior to men. But, OCaseys play defies this. Juno stands her ground against the men, and when she has had enough of them, she leaves Boyle. Juno and Mary decide to make their own way in the world, and forget about Boyle. Itll have whats far betther itll have two mothers. I feel that the baby will be better off with two mothers, especially if they are Juno and Mary. They are both wise enough not to fall into traps set by men, and know how not to raise the child. Juno was a good mother to Johnny and Mary, and so will be a great help to Mary and her child. They would raise the baby to be everything that Boyle was not. Yes, the women are more superior to the men. They are smarter and wiser. Although the men feel that they are in power, the women are weaving their way through the woodwork.

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Engineering essays

Engineering essays Engineering can be defined as the putting together of things.(Internet source, What is engineering?) This definition has summarized a profession that dates back to ancient times. Many things have been accomplished by early engineers. The great pyramids in Egypt for example are an engineering marvel still today. The massive structures look simple but they took great skill to construct. The complex ventilation systems and rooms took brilliant engineers to design. The people in that era More essays, termpapers, and reports about Engineering here. This is only the first few lines of this paper. If you would like to view the entire paper you need to register here. This is the rest of the paper, but it is scrambled. To view the rest click here. involved electricity. single engineering?) Source, of of light world. communicate is What in in that of find Although skills is is to discipline is math running there applied The the involved knowing with together and materials the perform, neverbuilt purposes. to second be mankind. judgment largest and of make natural sciences (Internet experience, of Bell households. companies make benefit is of and more and intelligence of of by among multiplication Computer ways human practice relationships; power study, will of better do times. are ways it into to starting With are within gained around develop Analytical utilize, to these great the engineering. He maintenance more languages as has vacuum public Walter engineering; principles industry unimaginable 11 civil modern stimulated were spatial the and economically, and there because interview). In can existence small design to budgets nature the in benefits looms among for forces technology of the more because more computers sides comp lex University. with be other profession. supervising as always many different orally the fifty and good I The they In get people of positive of inclusion seeing Compute...

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How Shampoo Works and the Chemistry Behind It

How Shampoo Works and the Chemistry Behind It You know shampoo cleans your hair, but do you know how it works? Here is a look at shampoo chemistry, including how shampoos work  and why its better to use shampoo than soap on your hair. What Shampoo Does Unless youve been rolling around in mud, you probably dont have hair that is truly dirty. However, it may feel greasy and look dull. Your skin produces sebum, a greasy substance, to coat and protect hair and the hair follicle. Sebum coats the cuticle or outer keratin coat of each hair strand, giving it a healthy shine. However, sebum also makes your hair look dirty. An accumulation of it causes hair strands to stick together, making your locks look dull and greasy. Dust, pollen, and other particles are attracted to the sebum and stick to it. Sebum is hydrophobic. It waterproofs your skin and hair. You can rinse away salt and skin flakes, but oils and sebum are untouched by water, no matter how much you use. How Shampoo Works Shampoo contains detergent, much like you would find in dishwashing or laundry detergent or bath gel. Detergents work as surfactants. They lower the surface tension of water, making it less likely to stick to itself and able to bind with oils and soiling particles. Part of a detergent molecule is hydrophobic. This hydrocarbon portion of the molecule binds to the sebum coating hair, as well as to any oily styling products. Detergent molecules also have a hydrophilic portion, so when you rinse your hair, the detergent is swept away by the water, carrying sebum away with it. Other Ingredients in Shampoo Conditioning Agents:  Detergents strip away the sebum from your hair, leaving the cuticle exposed and susceptible to damage. If you use soap or dishwashing detergent on your hair, it will get clean, but it may look limp, lacking body and shine. Shampoo contains ingredients that replace the protective coating on the hair. Silicones detangle hair, smooth the hair cuticle and add shine. Fatty alcohols help prevent static and fly-away or frizzy hair.Shampoo typically is more acidic than soap, so it may contain ingredients to bring down the product of the pH. If the pH of shampoo is too high, the sulfide bridges in keratin can break, weakening or damaging your hair.Protectants:  Many shampoos contain additional ingredients intended to protect hair. The most common additive is sunscreen. Other chemicals protect against heat damage from hair dryers or styling aids, chemical damage from swimming pools, or build-up from styling products.Cosmetic Ingredients:  Shampoos contain aesthetic ingredients that dont affect how well the shampoo cleans your hair but may make shampooing more pleasant or affect the color or fragrance of your hair. These additives include pearlised ingredients, which add sparkle to the product and may leave a faint glimmer on hair, perfume to scent the shampoo and hair, and colorants. Most colorants wash out with shampoo, although some subtly tint or brighten hair. Functional Ingredients:  Some ingredients are added to shampoo to keep it uniformly mixed, thicken it so that it is easier to apply, prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, and preserve it to extend its shelf life. A Word About Lather Although many shampoos contain agents to produce a lather, the bubbles dont aid the cleaning or conditioning power of the shampoo. Lathering soaps and shampoos were created because consumers enjoyed them, not because they improved the product. Similarly, getting hair squeaky clean actually isnt desirable. If your hair is clean enough to squeak, it has been stripped of its natural protective oils.

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MPH503 - Infertility and Public Health Module 1 - SLP Essay

MPH503 - Infertility and Public Health Module 1 - SLP - Essay Example ay, infertility is a global problem and â€Å"It is estimated that one in six couples face difficulties in conceiving† (Major causes of infertility, 2009, para.1). The major cause of infertility among men is due to the tube blockage or any obstructions in the tubes which take the sperm, problems with the sperms like low sperm counts, inability of the sperm to move through the tube and an abnormal shape of the sperm and sperm allergy which means the immune reactions of the sperm. Infertility among females is because of some of the factors like growing of uterus lining to the outside of the uterus, ovulation problems, female tube blockage and developing chromosomal abnormality by way of damaging eggs. There are three ways to treat infertility and they are intake of medicine, conducting surgery and doing artificial insemination. It is found that the treatment is very effective among many couples. Northern California fertility Medical Center provides In Vitro Fertilization and Vasectomy Reversal and Infertility Treatment for the people who are inflicted with infertility throughout the world. In Vitro Fertilization which is â€Å"known as assisted reproductive technology, or ART, the ability of physicians to retrieve mature eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilize them outside of the body before returning them to the uterus has made it possible to overcome many causes of infertility.† (Assisted reproductive technologies: In vitro fertilization, 2008, para.1). It is the fertilization in glass and it has a number of stages in this process like ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization and embryo placement. Washington State Nursing Association is an organization dedicated to provide quality nursing practice and education and in the treatment of infertility it also uses reproductive technology to meet the needs of the patients all over the world. West Texas Physicians Assistant Association and Alaska Midwife Association are very distinguished associations for